American Mongrels
Contracted for client American Mongrels. Visit them at
Contracted Work For Indie Film American Mongrelsby Tony DeAngelo_Apothec
I was contracted to do a kickstarter flyer design for an indie film titled American Mongrels.  After talking with the client I got a great idea of what he was looking for.  After going back and forth for a few days we came up with an awesome design piece to market his fundraising event.  Presented below is part of the process I took in designing this piece.  Visit them at
Cover Piece
 Creating the main body in Illustrator Cs6
Figuring out which type faces I wanted to use
Illustrating in Cs6
Building out the background in Photoshop
Putting the pieces together
Finishing up version # 1
New texture for background # 2
Adding color and new textures
Getting closer to the final piece
Final Version Accepted!
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