Bartenda is a fun and creative mobile app that allows users to be the mixologist. First choose glassware, liquor, mixes, and garnishes. Then add fun things like dry ice, colors, fruits, interesting straws, mixed shaped ice cubes, and many other creative items. Have any ideas for us? We're still in the design and development phase, we're welcome to any and all suggestions! Thanks!

Bartenda is a personal mobile app I'm working on with a few friends that allows the user to be a personal mixologist and create fun and exciting drinks with their friends.  Choose the basics like glassware, liquor type, mixes, and then add fun things such as smoke, color, glowsticks, garnishes, straws, fruits, and many other exciting creative items.  Having a fun house party with your friends?  Use Bartenda to create fun and innovative new drinks, see it live, then use our maps system to locate the nearest available store to you!  Have any other ideas you'd like to see in this app?  We're in the design phase and welcome all ideas!  Here's a slight preview of what's to come!

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